Our help in fighting COVID19

Snorkeling Masks converted to protect doctors as well

The hospital of Sassuolo, one of the hospitals near Modena equipped to fight COVID19,  contacted us on Sunday, March 22nd. They asked us to help them replicate what the hospital of Brescia did: a snorkeling mask attacched to a ventilator. Through the open-source project of Isinnova, we revised the connector’s design by  adapting it to the equipment of Sassuolo’s hospital, trying also to make it more solid and resistant.

Starting from an Easy Breath Decathlon mask- model 1, we performed an accurate 3D scanning with a Hexagon measuring arm. Through reverse engineering, we were able to acquire the exact geometries of the mask.

This process allowed us to obtain a perfect fitting between the various components and the connector.

The project

Using SOLIDWORKS CAD software, we designed the part of the mask which is linked to the snorkel, in order to draft the connector inside an assmbly in an easier way.

3D Printing

The prototypes were made with 3D professional printers – Stratasys Fortus 370 and 450 – which were put at our disposal by our Energy Group colleagues. 
We decided to print with ABS – one of the most used materials on 3D professional printers – because of its good mechanical features which are well-suited for this particular application.

Prototypes ready in 24 hours

The next day, we were already able to deliver to Sassuolo’s hospital the first prototypes of EMILY which have been tested and then approved also for the artificial respiration of seriously ill patients and for ventilation, in case of need.

The collaboration with Sassuolo's Hospital

The collaboration with Marco Bortolotti, the person in charge for the information service at Sassuolo’s hospital, was essential: he’s the one who contacted us and then acted as an intermediary to help us better understand the health workers’ needs. From this, it became clear that the biggest problem was the lack of safety devices for doctors and nurses. 

With this in mind, we tried to find a solution by converting the masks into some “unusual” protective devices. By following the same method, we 3d-printed a second kind of connector to link the Decathlon mask to two FFP3 filters, which are available in stores

A big help to doctors

As a result, this mask perfectly covers mouth, nose and eyes- the face areas through which the infection occurs. Moreover, the mask enables the medical staff to breathe safely while continuing their important work towards the patients affected by Coronavirus.

Optimized for FDM 3D printing

When we designed these two kinds of connectors, the key factor was  the optimisation of FDM additive manufacturing, by trying to save time and avoiding, as far as possible, the use of support materials. In case of necessity, this will become essential because the manufacturing can be increased significantly.

Safe because sanitized

The Easy Breath mask appears to be safe as a protective device because it can be entirely sanitized, as well as the connector. Air filters can easily be found in stores and remain effective for more than one month. 

Open and shared project

The files of this project can be fully downloaded and they are accessible to whomever is able to use these technologies and wants to support its local healthcare services. 
The filter we used for ARTA connector are Honeywell Twin A2P3 Filters, Model number N06575001A2P3. 

If you want to support this project against Covid-19 emergency, help us raising founds.

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